Friday, April 27, 2012


Hey there! This semester has been busy, busy, busy. My spare moments have been consumed by sleeping :-) 
I am less than two weeks away from finishing up my sophomore year of college. I can't really believe it! I have worked out my schedule so that I will graduate in December 2013; a whole semester earlier than I should really graduate. So, this fall, I will be entering as a second semester junior! So thankful to be blessed with a strong mind to learn new things! 

Unfortunately, when I head home, I have to begin searching for a car. On my trek back to school from break, I was rear ended (in Fort Worth... my favorite city. NOT!) and then pushed into the car in front of me. Since my car was "sandwiched," it had damage in both the front and the back. I wasn't at fault, and the woman who hit me had insurance, which was a blessing, but, since my car is 12 years old--- no one wants to fix it. 

The damage doesn't look like "totaled" damage, but that is what they are saying my car is! We are going to see how much we can get for it, and then use that and the insurance money to get me something different. I am sad, because this 4Runner has been such a great car for me. Maybe this time, I can get something with more than 15 MPG :-) 

Now I am just focusing on finishing the semester strong, heading home, having a weekend off, and then starting one of my summer classes 3 days later! It will be a busy summer, but I am ready to be home!