Friday, February 27, 2009

A Hot Winter Day.

It just baffles my mind to think that this is Winter. I am not texan by any means, and to be honest, I miss the cold sometimes, but it is nice to live in shorts and t-shirts all year round. Todaym it was 84 degrees! Can you even believe it? Back in WI it was a snowstorm... like 7 inches of wet, cold, snow!

Today, I stayed home, my day got switched to tomorrow to work. So, I sat at my desk with my window open and worked on school work. My dad worked from home today, so we pretty much stayed upstairs so we didn't bother him.

Bless my dad's heart, he pretty much has not moved today. He had a deadline for some work and he was going to town on it. His neck is now hurting him, I think I may have to start charging for my massages ;)

So, my mom was talking to some old friend of hers tonight about homeschooling. I love, love, love homeschooling. My ONLY pet peeve is everyone talking about the 'social' issue. It drives me insane! I don't even understand it. I think that is everyones fear, that their children will become hermits and die. haha...

Pretty much folks, I can still talk to anyone I want to, hang out with anyone I want to and do alot of what I want to. But, I get to choose who NOT to hang out with and what not to do. Whatever. Just a major pet peeve of mine and I just wish that people wouldn't automatically lable homeschoolers as non-social.

I think that tonight I will need to turn the air on upstairs. It is 79 degrees up here right now. I still have my window open, but there isn't a breeze. Pretty sad huh? Air conditioning in February!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have decided that I love, love, love having company from home. But, in the end, it makes me more homesick to have to say goodbye to them. I had a great time with Karen this past week/end. We always have so much fun!

I worked today, then came home and did not get enough done. I feel like I have no time to get all I have to get done, done. Oh well, slowly but surely, right?

I work on Saturday instead of tomorrow, so I really have to get booking tomorrow and get soooo much done.

I am tired, but plan on staying up for a few hours doing some schoolwork. It's all about time management!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Is here! In Texas! WHOO HOO! I am so excited that she made it here saftely. We are going to have loads and loads of fun

B-fast tacos in the morning and farmers market? Lunch? Rudys?!?!

Fun no matter what!

All Grown Up!

Today we babysat for MOPS. I was astonished at how little kids we had. I only had FOUR in my group. I usually have 9-12 kids by myself. I was LOVING it today!

Well, after MOPS was done, I drove the Henderson kiddos over to their house. I babysat them until 5:30. I didn't blog about it, but Brooke the youngest, was the baby that I started watching at 1 month old. She was born 9 weeks early, needless to say, she is a miracle baby. She stopped breathing on me, and I haven't babysat her or Preston and Ashlyn in over 9 months! But anyways, today I sat for them and was amazing that the little girl Brooke has become! Preston wanted nothing to do with the camera, so most pictures are of Brooke (1yr old now) and a few of her big sister Ashlyn (5 and a half)

Brooke (when I first started watching her... 1.5 months OLD)

Brooke NOW ( 1 year old)

Ashyln and Brooke.

I just can't believe how she changed! She is the happiest baby I know! Smiles alll the time!

Oh yes, and Karen is going to be here in ONE HOUR! YAY! I cannot wait. I am so excited. We will have a blast, rain or shine. I love her.

the end.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 18th Wesley!

Not that he would ever read this.


Happy 18th Birthday Wesley! I hope you had a great day!

Jenna Requites Sleep.

I have found that to be even more true since I have been sick.

I seem to value sleep even more. It could just be because I am a teenager, but whatever. haha

I babysat today. And am very thankful I only worked 6 hours instead of 12. I don't think I could have done it today. I was worn out by the time I got home!

Tomorrow I babysit for the Hendersons! The first time since Brooke was 2 months old, she is now a year! Wow. It seems like just yesterday. I am excited to hang out with them. We are going to MOPS in the morning, and then i'll take the kids back to their house until their dad gets home. We will have fun for sure.

THEN! MY FA KAREN IS COMING TOMORROW NIGHT! YAY! I am so ready for her to get here! I can't wait. We always have sooo much fun. And I need it. A relaxing time. Stress free. sigh! She will have to come again soon so we can go to the beach! - The best thing is, I don't have to work while she is here!




I think I am going to do some school and play a video game with Kathleen and turn in early tonight. Morning seems to come too soon no matter what time I get to bed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I don't even have a title?

Today, I didn't work. I think I am starting to feel better, my head isn't pounding nearly as much. It seems to get worse at night. Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appt. yay!...

I need to start gearing myself back towards reality. I don't know if I am working on Thursday yet or not, but the Friday it is MOPS and I am babysitting after that til 5 or 6. Then Karen comes Friday night at 10:15! I cannot even wait for her to get here! I LOVE it when she comes!

So, I got this call to babysit the weekend. Sunday night....I wasn't thinking and said yes. Right when I got off the phone, my dad reminded me that Karen was going to be here. SO. I called this lady back, and politely told her that I could not babysit after all, and I was truly very sorry. Maybe I should back up just a bit...
I have babysat for this family one time. They live fairly close to me, so, no problem. I believe that the mom has called me 2 or 3 other times, always a night for 2 before (very last minute) and I have been busy either at Bible Study, or babysitting for a different family. (OK, I think you are caught up now ;-). )
The mom was a bit upset, but at least was alright with it. No sooner than when I had hung up for the second time, the phone rang again, this time my cell phone. And it was her again. Asking me for a date in March. So, I checked my calendar and noticed that my grandma was going to be here, so I said QUOTE
''It looks like my Grandma is going to be here, but I will mark you down, because it.........................''
And she gets really upset, says ''OK, I'll look for someone else then. thanks, bye'' and hung up.

I guess it just rubbed me the wrong way or something. I don't know. Just really irritated me. I don't like to have anyone be upset with me and knowing that she is, just bugs me. But I am going to take my moms advice and just let it go. I don't owe her anything and I already had other plans.

I think that is why I am getting so worn out. I feel like I always have to take a babysitting job because I don't want to say no, or jip anyone. (Don't take that wrong mommies ;) I still love to babysit and adore kiddos... :) ) But, I can't babysit for everyone! I have my own life too.. I have school to do and sleep to get!

Wow. So did I just let it all out or what?!? Sorry to everyone who reads this.. what a rant!

On a lighter note, I bought High school Musical 3 today and watched it with my family. I don't care what you people think. I LOVED all three of those movies! I thought they were the cutest things. And they are clean movies! You can't find those very much anymore. What a cute chick flick! Sigh :)

Well, I am going to do some Spanish and/or Chemistry before bed. Have a great night people.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kaitlyn Mae Thibaudeau

Kaitlyn Mae was born today at 2:18 pm. She was 7lbs 1 oz and 20 inches long! She is beautiful! I am so excited for a healthy baby for Betsy and Nathan!

Here is a picture!

Isn't she so cute! I wish I could be there to hold her!

Roast Beef Dip Sandwich with Garlic-Herbed Au Jus.

Garlic Au Jus

2 teaspoons olive oil
2 tablespoons finely chopped onions
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon basil
1/4 cup red wine
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 (14 1/2 ounce) can beef broth, homemade beef stock or 3/4 cup rich homemade beef stock
1 French baguette, cut into 4 (5-6 inch portions)
1-2 slices Swiss cheese
1 lb thinly sliced roast beef


To make the Garlic Au Jus: In medium sauce pan, heat oil over medium heat. Then add onions, garlic and dry herbs, and cook, stirring often, about 1 minute. Do no let garlic brown.

Then add red wine, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Increase heat, bring to simmer and let liquid reduce by half. Add beef broth and simmer for 5 minutes. (If using homemade stock, you may need to season with salt and pepper.).

You can make the recipe to this point up to 3 days in advance and keep, covered, in refrigerator.

To make and serve sandwiches: Reheat au jus. Split baguette pieces and top with Swiss cheese. Divide roast beef among sandwiches. Close sandwiches, place on baking sheet and bake at 450 degrees for about 3 minutes or until just warmed. Serve with small cups hot au jus for dipping.

Jenna's Notes:

I used homemade hamburger buns and didn't even use the sherry... YUMM

-- Since I am not feeling well, and haven't eaten much, this just sounded good to me today! It is worth the try, and really easy!

A Dreary Day, and Baby Katie?

I woke up to another dreary day, I am still not feeling the greatest that I have felt in my life, and now mom has it. Dad has a sore throat and is sneezing, wait for it daddy :)

Nathan texted me and said that Betsy just got the epidural and is 4 cm... that's all he said though. I wish I was closer. It is a big thing for your best friend to be having a baby. I can't even go visit her in the hospital, or take her some yummy food after she goes home. GRR.

I am going to work on school now. We have Night of Grace with our CBS tonight, but if I am not feeling better, I am out. Not going. I'd probably drive Kathleen to where she needs to go and sleep in my car. haha... nah. I don't know if I am going to go though. I am going to attempt to get things done today, but it is hard when you don't feel good and it is dark and gloomy day out.

La de da...

Member Monday mornings? haha, yeah. I am not a fan. I need to find sheets to make my bed, but I don't want to do that yet, for the fear of curling up and going to sleep. There is always cleaning to be done too, I must really not feel good to not even want to clean and organize!

I realized last night that my Aunt Jamie has more friends on Facebook than I do.. Is that crazy or what? I know she is older and has more friends, but she must be more addicted than I am to have been able to add that many people! I do have to say that both of my aunts and my mom are more addicted than me and my sister. Facebook is really fun though. Looking through the pictures is always a blast.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my days to babysit for the Akers. I usually go in the mornings and then am done by 3 or so. Tuesday is now going to be nights, til 9:30 or so. Which is good in some ways, I'll get to see Dylan and play with him, but also my ''school'' time and family time.. I guess we will see how it goes for a while.

Ok, so I really need to get off this thing! I do need to figure out the whole picture thing, every time I add them, they never end up where I want them too!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Case is FINALLY solved...

So, that book that I had bought, then lost, then searched the entire universe for? Yeah. It is found. My dad looked under my passenger seat in my truck and TA-DA! I had torn that truck apart. Thank you daddy!

I am a Heathen.

I actually did not go to church today. I just woke up about 10 minutes ago. I didn't sleep too good last night. More than likely, I will have to call Dana and tell her that I can't come on Tuesday.

I hope to be able to get some things done today, while I sit in bed. I'll work on some school and work on finishing Katie's gift. SINCE Betsy goes to the hospital TODAY, I am running out of time. I cannot believe that Katie is going to be born tomorrow. AHHHH.

My other friend Kristel had a beautiful (handsome?) baby boy on the 10th! So precious!

I am pretty sure that I need to try to get something done before my head explodes. :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sickness.. GRR

I am sick.

I caught what Kathleen had. YAY. Maybe even the flu. I feel horrible. I am not going to church tomorrow. I am complaining.

We went for a drive to the country this morning, when all of the sudden, I could not breathe for the life of me. Then, we got home, and played Sly 2 for a few hours, then I was miserable, and cranky. Then we watched The Biggest Loser and American Idol that we had taped. Then I took a shower, and here I sit now, feeling not so good.

I don't usually complain, but when I am sick... I am kinda a baby. I like to be checked on and talked to. I guess it takes my mind off me not feeling good.

So, Tomorrow, I plan to stay in my PJ's and curl up in my bed with some Geometry, Chemistry and Spanish...

And maybe some crackers.

Valentines Day...

I think that it is an over-commercialized holiday, that isn't for the single people. I guess I don't have a reason to celebrate it now, but it seems to me that is a little over the top for one day. My old youth pastor would never do anything for Valentines Day... Because his wife would begin to expect something. He would just surprise her throughout the year. I think that is so sweet and a much better idea.
But, To each their own! I hope all you couples out there are having a special day!

For me, I am NOT babysitting tonight.. Can you even believe it?!?!?! I think my parents may go out tonight or something. My sister was pretty sick with a cold, and then she handed it off to my mom and me. YAY. I am thinking that staying in my PJ's, curled up in my bed sounds like a great plan for today!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

That is what I was thinking around 9:15 last night.. I went back to GT to babysit for the Akers... I was sitting down, when Dana called me and told me to quickly pack up my stuff and get ready to head home. They were 5 minutes away and wanted me out the door. It was lightning like crazy, but I had no clue... I wasn't watching outside. Dana asked me about the night... And Dan said, ok Jenna, you need to leave now... If only they knew! To be honest, I am pretty proud of myself for making it home. I didn't think I could do it... After about 15 phone calls to my dad, whose voice always calls me, and alot of praying and singing to myself, an hour later, I walked in the door. I probably should have just stayed at the Akers for another hour til it stopped. I have never seen rain/wind/lightning like that.. Someone would think that we were in hurricane alley. I was pretty scared when I couldn't stay in my lane. Oh well. I made it home, and slept GREAT! But, I called Dana when I got home and promptly told her that if we were to have weather like this again... I would not be babysitting! It was a long ride home.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Crazy Day

Today has been crazy, and it isn't even half over. I don't really feel like drawing it all out... Just a hectic and odd day... I did alot of praying for my attitude today!

I took my baby girl for a hair cut today... She was NONE too happy with me, or the groomer... But, she looks sooooooo much better and prettier now! I do think that when she is a bit shaggy she is cute... she reminds me of a puppy!

(I still have to figure out this picture thing :) -- Bear with me for a bit!)
So... I am going to do some school til it is time to babysit again tonight...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Something you don't hear/see every day.

So. I am sitting here curled up in my bed and for the last half hour, a helicopter has been buzzing around bedroom window. My dad and I stood outside and it was talking! Something about contacting the RR police department.. So, they are either searching for someone or someone is lost.. It is kinda random for 10:30 at night.

I just didn't expect it.. crazy.

A Rainy Day...

I finally got to bed at 12 last night. I was tired and feel asleep fast :) But. This morning, I did NOT want to wake up. I woke up to rain at 7:30 and next thing I knew, it was 9 AM! I didn't mean to sleep that late, but it felt good!

I have a lot to get done today.... la de da.. It is hard to get motivated when all you want to do is sleep. hee hee..

Tomorrow Gracie gets her hair cut... She needs it bad... She stinks so bad. So I will take her before work tomorrow and mom will pick her up when ever she is ready. She will NOT be happy with me, that's for sure. I'll have to sneak a few treats in the car :)

Well, I spose I need to go find sheets and make my bed. Then clean my bathroom and vacuum and then do school work... and laundry. Then there is Bible Study tonight in GT. Then work tomorrow... Busy Busy Busy!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Week Begins.

Time seems to be passing too quickly. I feel as though I have so much to get done, but in such a short time to get it done. I am not ready for another week... That means, that Katie's due date is moving closer, and I still need to get her gift done. I am having a hard time squeezing in time for it, amongst other things. Tomorrow, I don't work... so that means that I will have to work extra hard on my school work to get ahead for Tuesday. It is a never ending process.

I would just like a week to do absolutely nothing.

Oh well..

I am going to study for a bit. I have three tests to take tomorrow morning.. I have one left to review for.

I don't really like Mondays... Laundry, school, cleaning... and then heading to Bible Study. Monday seems to go by the fastest.

I babysat on Friday night. A guy that my dad knows from work called me and asked me to babysit for his daughters. They were really good... 10 and 7, so I didn't have to do much with them. We just hung out. It was fun, a lot different than the jobs I usually do. (little kids) Then, Saturday night, I had two different family's call and ask me to babysit.... Guess what? I said no. To BOTH of them. I actually had a Saturday night that was free.

We all went to GT and took Kathleen to her sleepover party and then Mom, Dad and I went to dinner at Pluckers, and furniture shopping for the upstairs. It was really nice not to have to work, and to get to hang out with my parents...

Today was church. Kathleen and I didn't go tonight to Bible Study... We are naughty. Oh well. We seem to be there anytime there is something going on, (or at least most times) so for a change, we didn't go. It felt good.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I must be losing it...

So, I bought this book last week.... and I cannot find it anywhere. I must have misplaced it or something. I have torn both my truck and my mom's van apart. Plus my room and the whole house... Grr... It is sorta frustrating! I don't know where it could be. On top of that, I have this paper that I printed out with the verses for ''Reading the Whole Bible in a Year'' thing, and can't find that either. I can understand misplacing a book, which I take with me. But I read my Bible in my room at my desk, and I never take that sheet off my desk. Maybe the cat ate it? While searching my room, I came across neither one. Talk about irritating.

I went to work this morning, and thank you, Kathleen for making me that Java Chip Frappe, or I would have for SURE not made it through the morning :) It was a hectic one that's for sure! I felt so bad for the babies... They were pretty sick... Goopey eyes and colds. :( You just wish you could take it away from them and make them all better! I do love those kiddos so much! --You'll all have to check out my video of them on Facebook... It's a good one!

Tonight, I have no plans other than school and watching American Idol and The Biggest Loser. I am not planning on going anywhere tomorrow except for Church and maybe a Sonic run in the afternoon. Can you believe that it was been TEN whole days without Sonic?!?! I am beginning to have withdrawals! :-) hee hee...

Please pray for my friend Betsy. She is having some tests done and may have to be induced. Little Kaitlyn Mae is due on the 21st! I am so excited for her arrival! It STINKS to be 120394q3284 miles away. :( Ok, more like 1,200 miles away, but still. TOO far.

Also, for my friend Kristel who is going to have little Judah on the 10th! How exciting!!!

A trip home may be in order for me :)