Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Week Begins.

Time seems to be passing too quickly. I feel as though I have so much to get done, but in such a short time to get it done. I am not ready for another week... That means, that Katie's due date is moving closer, and I still need to get her gift done. I am having a hard time squeezing in time for it, amongst other things. Tomorrow, I don't work... so that means that I will have to work extra hard on my school work to get ahead for Tuesday. It is a never ending process.

I would just like a week to do absolutely nothing.

Oh well..

I am going to study for a bit. I have three tests to take tomorrow morning.. I have one left to review for.

I don't really like Mondays... Laundry, school, cleaning... and then heading to Bible Study. Monday seems to go by the fastest.

I babysat on Friday night. A guy that my dad knows from work called me and asked me to babysit for his daughters. They were really good... 10 and 7, so I didn't have to do much with them. We just hung out. It was fun, a lot different than the jobs I usually do. (little kids) Then, Saturday night, I had two different family's call and ask me to babysit.... Guess what? I said no. To BOTH of them. I actually had a Saturday night that was free.

We all went to GT and took Kathleen to her sleepover party and then Mom, Dad and I went to dinner at Pluckers, and furniture shopping for the upstairs. It was really nice not to have to work, and to get to hang out with my parents...

Today was church. Kathleen and I didn't go tonight to Bible Study... We are naughty. Oh well. We seem to be there anytime there is something going on, (or at least most times) so for a change, we didn't go. It felt good.

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