Saturday, January 12, 2013


What a difference a week makes....

Last Saturday at this time, I was sitting at home, playing Wii with my Dad and sister with nothing to do until I babysat later in the day. The Packers were playing just like they will today, but I had the ability to watch them from a comfy couch.

This week? I am planning out the most efficient way to get all my homework done before tomorrow is over. There is already a lot of stuff to do that is piling up. Rather than get overwhelmed however, I am blogging!

I sure wish I was at home in the comfort of my own bedroom and just hanging out with my favorite people. But, here I am in Bethany, waiting for "winter weather" to show up. Apparently it could snow, sleet, and become icy tonight!

I am constantly having to remind myself to be content where I am now in my life. For this season, it is being bombarded with homework and living in a dorm room in Oklahoma. In all things, find joy!

Have a great weekend, wherever you might be!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Hello there friends.

Life has been crazy lately. I can hardly believe it is 2013 already. The year I become a college graduate.

Last semester, despite my good intentions to blog "often"-- I failed miserably. It wasn't because I had nothing to say, but the semester itself was my toughest yet and at times I wondered if I would make it through. I am not saying that to be dramatic at all because it really was the truth. Long story short, I had a professor who was new to my school that taught one of my favorite subjects. I barely could pass the tests and despite multiple trips to the professor's office I was told, "I just don't know what to tell you to help you get the grade you want." I thought that was a really encouraging way to handle a whole class full of people struggling to get through. :D

Anyways, God really taught me a LOT last semester such as, there are things (most everything, in fact) that Jenna Johnson cannot control or change. Other things such as, despite the fact I struggled with Social Psychology and I didn't understand why that was the case most days, that God was still good and still came through with teaching me what I needed to learn - not only through academics. However, I first had to stop and realize that I couldn't conquer Social Psychology, but God could... and then I had to let Him!

Along with that difficult class, I had a full plate of other time consuming classes. I soon found out that having a lot of upper division psychology classes at the same time meant a never ending to-do list of papers and assignments, which left very little time for things other than sleeping and attending classes!

I had an amazing opportunity though, to have my first internship with Reaching Our City, a local non-profit organization here in Bethany. I arrived not really knowing what to expect, but yet again, God provided many teaching and learning moments for me. I witnessed and worked alongside of people who live in poverty and found that my heart needed a serious reality check. I was able to gain some practical experience dealing with a diverse group of people through facilitating an event called the Christmas Toy Store. This program allowed the parents of underprivileged children to take part in a "shopping" experience where brand new toys were able to be chosen for free. Talk about learning the meaning of giving to others!

Christmas break came at the perfect time. I was worn out and ready to go home! I was able to come back to SNU rejuvenated after spending time with my family. We were also able to travel up to Wisconsin where I saw my best friend and other family.

Now, I'm back at school. The semester started yesterday and I am already tired! How does that work? Thankfully this semester is social psychology free and new classes are readily welcomed! After attending all of them, I've determined it will be yet another busy semester, but I think I am ready for the challenge. If God has taught me anything thus far, I cannot accomplish things on my own. Being the control-freak, perfectionist person that I am, it is a hard lesson to learn. In fact, I am still learning. Even though it took me a good two and half years of college to understand just how badly I need Christ daily... even in what I think are the silliest, most minuscule things I don't think He is concerned about.... I am so beyond grateful that God cares about all aspects of my life. This semester, I am encouraged about going through assignments with the assurance that God has brought me this far and He will get me through the rest of college--and the rest of my life--- if I learn to depend on Him. SO simple, but again, my controlling nature seems to get in the way sometimes.

I've learned a valuable lesson in college so far.... life is a learning experience. My expectations freshman year were to graduate with a whole bunch of book knowledge, yet I have been constantly surprised at how many life experiences that I have witnessed in addition to academics. It's been a crazy wonderful journey with all of the ups and downs.

So, here I am... beginning the first weekend of my last spring semester of college. I am officially a senior. I hear senior year is just as crazy as previous semesters... if not more... so I can't make any promises to "blog every day" or even every week. However, looking out my window tonight as I type this post, I can't help but feel blessed that God has His hand on every portion of our lives. He does care about my struggles because He promises to remain faithful in both the easiest and the toughest times. What a blessing it is for me to continually realize and accept His goodness!