Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lap Desk

I ended up buying this at Target the other day.  I thought it might be good to have if I want to sit on my bed and study or whatever.  I have been using it here at home, and I really like it!  I think it was a great purchase!

My sister is the best.

This is what my sweet sister got me yesterday.  She said it was the rest of my graduation present.  I love it! I tried out the cup today, it is super cute! She told me the rest of it I had to save until college! She bought my favorite coffee creamer, favorite k kups for the Keurig, and favorite iced coffee from Starbucks, along with the adorable cup!

Thanks Kathleen, I'm all set for college, at least in the coffee department. Love you!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Don't you love it when your stomach churns like a washing machine?

For the last hour or so my stomach has been churning.  The kids I babysit for haven't been feeling that well today, one even throwing up.  I was there yesterday, and I will be there in a few short hours.  The little girl wasn't feeling good yesterday while I was there, and was really clingy.  I am thinking I got a tad bit close to her.  For the past hour I have been cold, then hot.  And have been laying in front of the fan in my parents room too.  Anything to take my mind off of feeling so icky.  I thought I'd give blogging a shot!

Today Kathleen and I went to Super Target to pick up a few things for college.  I got an under the bed storage thing, along with a neat little lap desk.  I have to be at SNU in 22 or 23 days- something like that.  Not exactly counting down the hours like some people are. 

I am starting to get a little excited, but still nervous too.  It's a lot of change, and I don't like change.  I have really been praying about it though.  I think that it will be a great thing- even if it is 6 hours from home :)  Really though, I am excited to see all that God has in store for me.  I am just having a hard time believing that I am actually old enough to be a freshman in college.  I remember going through Walmart last year around this time, and watching people shop for their dorm rooms.  I can remember thinking, "Wow, they are going to be college students."  Now it is me shopping for my dorm, and making lists of things to get done and so on! Crazy.

Tonight we ordered books for me.  I ended up buying them used on  My dad was joking (after we bought them) that they may not be the right books!  haha..  That would be horrible!  I am glad we decided to look around and compare prices, since we saved $130!  See now folks, don't always pay list price! :)

Whew! I think the feeling of puking my guts out of sickness has passed.  I sure hope it has!  Watch- I'll post this and then be up all night sick.  Uhhh!!  Well, I need to try to get a little sleep.  I know tomorrow will be a very busy day babysitting! Morning Night all!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mini Fridge

Here it is! My first major purchase for college. Besides my laptop. This is actually the second one I bought. The first one had a tiny freezer and after 24 hours of being plugged in, the ice cube trays were only cold water. So, we went on a fridge hunt. Target had this one on sale this week so we picked it up. I really really love it. It has a separate freezer and it works great. I put the ice cube trays in at 10 this morning, and by 3:30 they were frozen - along with a water bottle.

My mom was right, I was wrong. I am happier with this one. Thanks momma!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A drive in the country...

My cousin and aunt left today.  We had such a great visit, and it doesn't feel like a whole week has gone by.  I was really blessed and only had to work one of the days that they were here.  We didn't really do much sightseeing, but did go to San Antonio one day.  And the rest of the days we took drives to the country to take pictures.  It was a blast and we got so many good shots!  I was sad to see them go, as I won't see them until Christmas.  But so glad that we could spend this week together because Rachel and I are both headed to college soon.


 If you don't believe in God after seeing something this beautiful, I'm not sure what will convince you.

We took so many other fun pictures too. Another post though... Laundry is waiting to be folded!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Im here, Im here...

I'm home from San Francisco. It was amazing and we had a blast. It was 60 degrees every day, and I even had to wear a sweatshirt. I miss that.

We came home to find our carpet was finished, and it looks great!

My cousin and great aunt fly in tomorrow for a week.

I went dorm room shopping today and bought a cute bedspread, bath caddy, and hangers.

In a little over a month, I will officially be at college, and a college student. Crazy.