Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mini Fridge

Here it is! My first major purchase for college. Besides my laptop. This is actually the second one I bought. The first one had a tiny freezer and after 24 hours of being plugged in, the ice cube trays were only cold water. So, we went on a fridge hunt. Target had this one on sale this week so we picked it up. I really really love it. It has a separate freezer and it works great. I put the ice cube trays in at 10 this morning, and by 3:30 they were frozen - along with a water bottle.

My mom was right, I was wrong. I am happier with this one. Thanks momma!

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Beth said...

You are welcome. I guess I know you too well after almost 19 years! I KNEW you would want ice and lots of it. I think an 8# bag of Sonic ice will fit in there easily!