Friday, May 4, 2012

Final Friday

Well, today is it. The last Friday of the semester is here, and it is nearly over. In some ways, this semester drug on and on and on and on, but in other ways, it seemed to go by really fast! 

I of course, have the countdown set for my last final- and my departure from Oklahoma for a while. I am so ready to head home and spend a few months in my own bed. I'm also excited to spend time with my sweet family! Weekends are the loneliest at college! Just four days and a few hours away from being Texas bound! 

The other night, after my food from the cafeteria was burned, I decided I needed some normal food. I went and got my favorite Chinese take out here and it was delish! Tai Pei's Tangerine Beef hit the spot, AND I was able to have three meals from it! Score! 

I am one final and one paper away from finishing my sophomore year of college. It does seem like just yesterday I was heading to college and scared to death of the days that would follow. However, now it has become a pattern and studying all the time has become my routine! My last final, Philosophy, is the one I'm really dreading. There is so much to memorize and study and I can't seem to remember it all! I'll be praising Jesus on my drive home Wednesday that I hopefully made it through!
My weekend will consist of a whole lot of this: 
....which is of course, Philosophy notes! Even though ancient theories and concepts in Philosophy rarely make sense, I am so thankful for a strong mind which is able to learn new things each day! 

Finally, I was getting on the elevator the other night (at midnight!) and when the doors opened, I was greeted with two chairs and a garbage can. I'm happy I was the only one in line, otherwise there wouldn't have been much room for others! When I got off on my floor, two boys with guitars were signing a song about elevators and asked if I enjoyed my ride. They were a little bummed when I told them three floors wasn't necessarily enough time to sit and get comfortable. Oh dear! I thought it was quite clever though, so I applaud them! 

Happy weekend!