Monday, January 31, 2011

The South......

Cracks me up....Here in Oklahoma, ice and snow is predicted starting late tonight and lasting all day tomorrow.  I have already received three notifications that school is canceled for tomorrow. It's 6pm and clear outside! I guess it is nice to know now--- so I can sleep in tomorrow, but still... I am afraid this will now jinx the weather that is to come.

Oklahoma, please at least snow and get all icy so there was a real reason to cancel school. Thank you.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This song is such an encouragement to me!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


-I am tired. What's new?
-I am hungry. Lunch was not good.
-I am studying. Right now. well, not really. right now- I am blogging.
-I am drinking coffee. just to stay awake.
-I am meeting with my suite mates and the RA. please pray for me.
-I am enjoying the quiet of the afternoon.
-I am missing my family.
-I am blessed.
-I am praying for you.
-I am resting in the sweet assurance that I am loved by Jesus.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, already?

Happy Monday!

I had a good weekend! I got everything I needed to accomplished, and had a great day at church yesterday. I woke up not feeling well and I am still upset that I can't find my Bible, but I was excited to go to church anyways.  You know those days when you just need something?  God totally reveals himself in those situations and makes a ''ehhh'' day a great day! I woke up this morning thankful for a God who loves me and truly cares about me.

I got an email that my 12pm class today was canceled, so that meant only having to go to three classes instead of four... I was ok with that! My school day ended at 10:50 today! I went to the cafeteria and got a to-go lunch that wasn't very good and came back to my room.  I found my roommate sleeping so I am just chilling here:

In the community room.  Blogging and working on homework! Fun times :D It was quiet for a while and now people are back.

I have 18 days until I can go home for the weekend.  It isn't a long weekend or anything, but I am going back to see my family and see some friends that will be home from China! They used to be my SS teachers and left 2.5 years ago to be missionaries.  They have since had a baby and I am excited to see them all! Also, excited to sleep in my own bed again, see my wonderful family, take a shower uninterrupted- and without shoes, and eat non-commons food.  I have only been back here a little over 2 weeks, but it feels like much longer than that!

Since coming back to SNU, sleep has decided that we are not friends anymore. I seriously just don't sleep. When I do, it is for an hour or two at a time and that is it.  I thought it was just me, but other people are having the same problem. Weird. It will be nice to get a full nights sleep when I go home too!

Other than starting my day off with slamming three fingers in the door, today has been pretty great!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Big Game Prayer

My aunt posted this on facebook and I thought it was super cute! Go Packers!!~

Weekend prayer...

Aaron Rodgers, who art in Lambeau, Hallowed be thine arm. Thy bowl will come, it will be won, in Dallas as it was in Lambeau. Give us this Sunday our weekly win and forgive the less-passers as you will not let them pass against us. Lead us not into frustration, but deliver us from Da Bears. For thine is the MVP, the best of the NFC, and the glory of the Cheeseheads, now and forever. Go get'em.


Friday, January 21, 2011

The Cheesehead Prayer

The Cheesehead Prayer

Now I lay me down to bed
A wedge of cheese upon my head
Allegiance to the Packers I promise to keep
and cheer them on while I'm asleep.
If I should die, don't let me wonder,
Just bury me neath the frozen tundra.
But, Lord, before you take my soul,
Let me see the Pack in one more Super Bowl.
Forgive me Lord, for those I hated,
The Lions and Vikings, they're overrated.
The streets of heaven, so I've been told,
Are paved for us in green and gold.
If I get to heaven I'll have only one wish,
A big screen TV with a satellite dish
I pray for this Lord, for only one reason,
to cheer on my Pack to a winning season.
I'll close this prayer by thanking you Lord,
for listening to me and the time you afford.
But one more thing......please remember the Bears,
Because that's a team that hasn't a prayer!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is the stuff

Francesca is one of my most favorite christian artists of all time.  I cannot wait to get her new album when it comes out.  This song is cute yet so applicable.  my favorite line is "In the middle of my little mess I forget how big I'm blessed." It is so, so, so easy to get caught up in our own little problems when the little things really are silly.  This is a catch tune! I hope you love it as much as I do.... 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I woke up today, thinking that I have been back at SNU for weeks... It hasn't even been a full week yet. Sigh. I have finally been at all of my classes. I am starting to believe my advisor when she said that I wouldn't see daylight this semester. Thank you for the encouraging words advisor.

Today's chapel was just what I needed to hear.  God baffles me.  I woke up this morning not feeling so good in any aspect. I talked to my mom and felt much better.  I so appreciate that my mom and dad too take time to listen to me and give me a pep talk when I need it- which seems to be often.  I seriously do have amazing parents.  My sister is pretty fantastic too!  FAK always makes me laugh so that helps a lot too.

I am off to an afternoon of homework, after taking Jen to work in a few minutes.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bible verses or Encouraging words.

Hey there!

My dorm room walls are too bare and I need a project.  Here is where you come in!

If you have some encouragement, favorite bible verses, thoughts or something fun to put on the wall please share it in the comments! I love waking up to Bible verses... just a great way to start the day.

Thank you!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today, I am being lazy. Not by my choice, but because I feel icky.

Ever since I have been at school (last Wednesday) I have gone to bed with a sore throat and woken up with one too.  I'm also congested and just feel tired a lot.  I have heard there is a virus going around and it just takes time to pass, so I am popping the vitamin c.

I woke up in time to get ready for church, but my whole body ached and I just didn't feel like I could get ready in time!  I must have fallen back asleep because next thing I know, it's 12:15. Crazy. I must not be feeling well, because I don't sleep that late otherwise. ever.

Today is one of those days I wish I had a tv in my room- just for some mindless noise or something. OH well, I am going to drink a lot and keep taking benedryl today.

I am SO beyond thankful that there aren't classes tomorrow (because I would have had 4)

My sweet sister should be done with the 30 hour famine soon. I've been praying for her (and the others) I hope they had a great experience and weren't too hungry. When I participated in it, I realized it really is an eye opening experience. We take so much for granted when so many have nothing. You did great K, go get some coffee to knock out that headache! I love you!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A cup of tea

Hello there loves!
Today started off a little slow but became a wonderfully relaxing afternoon.  To my surprise, I did NOT hear the tornado sirens go off which caused me to think I'm a tad delusional.... the horn or whatever did not turn in a circle from on top of the science building.  Maybe with the new year comes a non weekly testing of the sirens.  I'd be ok with that!

Jen and I made bacon this morning on my new little friend George... George Foreman that is.  Speaking of... check out my new blog!  It has to do with cooking in a dorm room.  Click here to check it out!  I'll be posting new recipes that I try and easy foods that are do-able from a dorm! I'll post pictures too.

I haven't been feeling the greatest.  Ever since I got here, I've been congested and have had a sore throat.  I'm wondering if it is caused from all the dust with this being a new building.  Last night nyquil was my friend!

For this afternoon, I plan to knit and maybe watch a movie.  I want to watch the Packer's play at 7, so I need to go hunt down a tv!

Right now? I'm enjoying a cup of this.

Have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So, I haven't posted in forever and a half because I didn't want to miss one moment of my break.

Now, however. I am back in Oklahoma at school and settling back in.

Classes start tomorrow, and my room is semi in order.

I am fortunate enough to have a room with an adjoining wall to the furnace and water heater or whatever so the wall vibrates every 18.4 minutes when it goes off. Exciting, I know.

Well, I wanted to just check in so you didn't think I'd totally forgotten about the blog. More later.