Saturday, January 15, 2011

A cup of tea

Hello there loves!
Today started off a little slow but became a wonderfully relaxing afternoon.  To my surprise, I did NOT hear the tornado sirens go off which caused me to think I'm a tad delusional.... the horn or whatever did not turn in a circle from on top of the science building.  Maybe with the new year comes a non weekly testing of the sirens.  I'd be ok with that!

Jen and I made bacon this morning on my new little friend George... George Foreman that is.  Speaking of... check out my new blog!  It has to do with cooking in a dorm room.  Click here to check it out!  I'll be posting new recipes that I try and easy foods that are do-able from a dorm! I'll post pictures too.

I haven't been feeling the greatest.  Ever since I got here, I've been congested and have had a sore throat.  I'm wondering if it is caused from all the dust with this being a new building.  Last night nyquil was my friend!

For this afternoon, I plan to knit and maybe watch a movie.  I want to watch the Packer's play at 7, so I need to go hunt down a tv!

Right now? I'm enjoying a cup of this.

Have a wonderful evening!

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Beth said...

Glad you have your coffee/tea maker to help with your sore throat. Isn't the Packer game exciting???? Go Pack Go! Love you very much--MOM