Saturday, January 12, 2013


What a difference a week makes....

Last Saturday at this time, I was sitting at home, playing Wii with my Dad and sister with nothing to do until I babysat later in the day. The Packers were playing just like they will today, but I had the ability to watch them from a comfy couch.

This week? I am planning out the most efficient way to get all my homework done before tomorrow is over. There is already a lot of stuff to do that is piling up. Rather than get overwhelmed however, I am blogging!

I sure wish I was at home in the comfort of my own bedroom and just hanging out with my favorite people. But, here I am in Bethany, waiting for "winter weather" to show up. Apparently it could snow, sleet, and become icy tonight!

I am constantly having to remind myself to be content where I am now in my life. For this season, it is being bombarded with homework and living in a dorm room in Oklahoma. In all things, find joy!

Have a great weekend, wherever you might be!


Karen's Kitchen said...

I hope you get everything accomplished and watch the game!

Beth said...

Maybe you should run out now and get some snacks and then watch the game. Study HARD tomorrow! Love and miss you....Mom