Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I must be losing it...

So, I bought this book last week.... and I cannot find it anywhere. I must have misplaced it or something. I have torn both my truck and my mom's van apart. Plus my room and the whole house... Grr... It is sorta frustrating! I don't know where it could be. On top of that, I have this paper that I printed out with the verses for ''Reading the Whole Bible in a Year'' thing, and can't find that either. I can understand misplacing a book, which I take with me. But I read my Bible in my room at my desk, and I never take that sheet off my desk. Maybe the cat ate it? While searching my room, I came across neither one. Talk about irritating.

I went to work this morning, and thank you, Kathleen for making me that Java Chip Frappe, or I would have for SURE not made it through the morning :) It was a hectic one that's for sure! I felt so bad for the babies... They were pretty sick... Goopey eyes and colds. :( You just wish you could take it away from them and make them all better! I do love those kiddos so much! --You'll all have to check out my video of them on Facebook... It's a good one!

Tonight, I have no plans other than school and watching American Idol and The Biggest Loser. I am not planning on going anywhere tomorrow except for Church and maybe a Sonic run in the afternoon. Can you believe that it was been TEN whole days without Sonic?!?! I am beginning to have withdrawals! :-) hee hee...

Please pray for my friend Betsy. She is having some tests done and may have to be induced. Little Kaitlyn Mae is due on the 21st! I am so excited for her arrival! It STINKS to be 120394q3284 miles away. :( Ok, more like 1,200 miles away, but still. TOO far.

Also, for my friend Kristel who is going to have little Judah on the 10th! How exciting!!!

A trip home may be in order for me :)

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