Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I don't even have a title?

Today, I didn't work. I think I am starting to feel better, my head isn't pounding nearly as much. It seems to get worse at night. Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appt. yay!...

I need to start gearing myself back towards reality. I don't know if I am working on Thursday yet or not, but the Friday it is MOPS and I am babysitting after that til 5 or 6. Then Karen comes Friday night at 10:15! I cannot even wait for her to get here! I LOVE it when she comes!

So, I got this call to babysit the weekend. Sunday night....I wasn't thinking and said yes. Right when I got off the phone, my dad reminded me that Karen was going to be here. SO. I called this lady back, and politely told her that I could not babysit after all, and I was truly very sorry. Maybe I should back up just a bit...
I have babysat for this family one time. They live fairly close to me, so, no problem. I believe that the mom has called me 2 or 3 other times, always a night for 2 before (very last minute) and I have been busy either at Bible Study, or babysitting for a different family. (OK, I think you are caught up now ;-). )
The mom was a bit upset, but at least was alright with it. No sooner than when I had hung up for the second time, the phone rang again, this time my cell phone. And it was her again. Asking me for a date in March. So, I checked my calendar and noticed that my grandma was going to be here, so I said QUOTE
''It looks like my Grandma is going to be here, but I will mark you down, because it.........................''
And she gets really upset, says ''OK, I'll look for someone else then. thanks, bye'' and hung up.

I guess it just rubbed me the wrong way or something. I don't know. Just really irritated me. I don't like to have anyone be upset with me and knowing that she is, just bugs me. But I am going to take my moms advice and just let it go. I don't owe her anything and I already had other plans.

I think that is why I am getting so worn out. I feel like I always have to take a babysitting job because I don't want to say no, or jip anyone. (Don't take that wrong mommies ;) I still love to babysit and adore kiddos... :) ) But, I can't babysit for everyone! I have my own life too.. I have school to do and sleep to get!

Wow. So did I just let it all out or what?!? Sorry to everyone who reads this.. what a rant!

On a lighter note, I bought High school Musical 3 today and watched it with my family. I don't care what you people think. I LOVED all three of those movies! I thought they were the cutest things. And they are clean movies! You can't find those very much anymore. What a cute chick flick! Sigh :)

Well, I am going to do some Spanish and/or Chemistry before bed. Have a great night people.

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Beth said...

I like HSM3 too. I like chick flicks! I like you, too!