Friday, February 20, 2009

All Grown Up!

Today we babysat for MOPS. I was astonished at how little kids we had. I only had FOUR in my group. I usually have 9-12 kids by myself. I was LOVING it today!

Well, after MOPS was done, I drove the Henderson kiddos over to their house. I babysat them until 5:30. I didn't blog about it, but Brooke the youngest, was the baby that I started watching at 1 month old. She was born 9 weeks early, needless to say, she is a miracle baby. She stopped breathing on me, and I haven't babysat her or Preston and Ashlyn in over 9 months! But anyways, today I sat for them and was amazing that the little girl Brooke has become! Preston wanted nothing to do with the camera, so most pictures are of Brooke (1yr old now) and a few of her big sister Ashlyn (5 and a half)

Brooke (when I first started watching her... 1.5 months OLD)

Brooke NOW ( 1 year old)

Ashyln and Brooke.

I just can't believe how she changed! She is the happiest baby I know! Smiles alll the time!

Oh yes, and Karen is going to be here in ONE HOUR! YAY! I cannot wait. I am so excited. We will have a blast, rain or shine. I love her.

the end.

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Beth said...

She sure did change alot in that year, did't she?