Monday, February 16, 2009

A Dreary Day, and Baby Katie?

I woke up to another dreary day, I am still not feeling the greatest that I have felt in my life, and now mom has it. Dad has a sore throat and is sneezing, wait for it daddy :)

Nathan texted me and said that Betsy just got the epidural and is 4 cm... that's all he said though. I wish I was closer. It is a big thing for your best friend to be having a baby. I can't even go visit her in the hospital, or take her some yummy food after she goes home. GRR.

I am going to work on school now. We have Night of Grace with our CBS tonight, but if I am not feeling better, I am out. Not going. I'd probably drive Kathleen to where she needs to go and sleep in my car. haha... nah. I don't know if I am going to go though. I am going to attempt to get things done today, but it is hard when you don't feel good and it is dark and gloomy day out.

La de da...

Member Monday mornings? haha, yeah. I am not a fan. I need to find sheets to make my bed, but I don't want to do that yet, for the fear of curling up and going to sleep. There is always cleaning to be done too, I must really not feel good to not even want to clean and organize!

I realized last night that my Aunt Jamie has more friends on Facebook than I do.. Is that crazy or what? I know she is older and has more friends, but she must be more addicted than I am to have been able to add that many people! I do have to say that both of my aunts and my mom are more addicted than me and my sister. Facebook is really fun though. Looking through the pictures is always a blast.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my days to babysit for the Akers. I usually go in the mornings and then am done by 3 or so. Tuesday is now going to be nights, til 9:30 or so. Which is good in some ways, I'll get to see Dylan and play with him, but also my ''school'' time and family time.. I guess we will see how it goes for a while.

Ok, so I really need to get off this thing! I do need to figure out the whole picture thing, every time I add them, they never end up where I want them too!

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