Friday, February 27, 2009

A Hot Winter Day.

It just baffles my mind to think that this is Winter. I am not texan by any means, and to be honest, I miss the cold sometimes, but it is nice to live in shorts and t-shirts all year round. Todaym it was 84 degrees! Can you even believe it? Back in WI it was a snowstorm... like 7 inches of wet, cold, snow!

Today, I stayed home, my day got switched to tomorrow to work. So, I sat at my desk with my window open and worked on school work. My dad worked from home today, so we pretty much stayed upstairs so we didn't bother him.

Bless my dad's heart, he pretty much has not moved today. He had a deadline for some work and he was going to town on it. His neck is now hurting him, I think I may have to start charging for my massages ;)

So, my mom was talking to some old friend of hers tonight about homeschooling. I love, love, love homeschooling. My ONLY pet peeve is everyone talking about the 'social' issue. It drives me insane! I don't even understand it. I think that is everyones fear, that their children will become hermits and die. haha...

Pretty much folks, I can still talk to anyone I want to, hang out with anyone I want to and do alot of what I want to. But, I get to choose who NOT to hang out with and what not to do. Whatever. Just a major pet peeve of mine and I just wish that people wouldn't automatically lable homeschoolers as non-social.

I think that tonight I will need to turn the air on upstairs. It is 79 degrees up here right now. I still have my window open, but there isn't a breeze. Pretty sad huh? Air conditioning in February!

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Beth said...

air conditioning long pants! I thought only WI had weather like this!

Thanks for making the blackened chicken for dinner tonight. You are a sweetie