Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Israel countdown: LESS than two days!

My amazing daddy went to AT&T yesterday for me. I needed to figure out how to turn off the data/text/phone calls from my phone while I'm over in Israel. I didn't want to be charged over the moon prices for it, when I wasn't going to even use it!

They found out that if I just keep my phone in Airplane Mode the whole time I am over there, I can still find the free wifi spots, and keep up with twitter, facebook, and my blog- all from my phone (I wasn't going to take my laptop anyways)

ALSO! We figured out how to make FREE phone calls home with this nifty app.

I can make a ''phone call'' to my parents computer, or to Kathleen's phone and actually talk to them all for free (over wifi)! YAY for technology.

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tomcottar said...

you better add me on Skype! tomcottar...