Saturday, November 5, 2011

Windy City

I'm sitting here, cross-legged, in a booth at Panera. I have my books, notes, and computer sprawled out in front of me and I'm looking periodically out the window. I think that Oklahoma City, or Bethany, should be renamed the windy city. Trees, that are pretty small, and nearly laying sideways near where my car is parked. It looks cold out there, but it really isn't... the wind just makes it seem that way.

Bethany had another earthquake early this morning. I guess it was at 2:30am. I didn't feel it because I was sleeping...deeply for once! My roommate had tried to call me about 12:30 and I never heard my phone. I was exhausted and finally slept good for once!

I'm sitting at Panera, because I have a test in 10 days--and another some time around then.

A test on my birthday....with one of the toughest

Panera has been my "get-a-way" spot here in OKC. I have those times when I just need to get out of the dorm and look at some different scenery. Panera has the perfect blend of people watching, soft music, comfy booths, sweet tea with lemon, and free Internet. Having the big table to spread all of my lovely materials all over is just an added bonus.

So, I will sit here and continue to read chapter after chapter about sociology....

Then it's on to the next study guide. 

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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Beth said...

Way to spend your Saturday being productive. Glad you were able to get a good night's sleep last night. Remember to turn your clock back 1 hour before bed.....and you will get another great night of sleep! Love you.