Sunday, February 26, 2012


Tomorrow morning I have my first philosophy test of the semester. The professor told us on Friday that his previous student's "average"was a 72% and he called that "good."

I have my heart set on breaking his record with well above a 72%. However, I have been studying all this and I still do not feel very confident. I haven't felt well today and I think that is part of the reason I am having trouble retaining what I am trying to study. 

Basically, there is a LOT of information and the whole subject of philosophy has been really tough for me to grasp. I struggle with finding the significance in learning things that are obviously false! 

So, if tomorrow morning at 9, you feel compelled to pray for me and my little test, i'd be grateful! 

Now, i'm off to memorize all this....and more! 

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Beth said...

Know that your momma will be praying for you. Get a good night's rest. Love you!