Friday, March 30, 2012

Dorm Life.

Does this happen to anyone else who shares a dorm dryer? EVERY time I was clothes, and then put them in the dryer, the end result is spotty clothes and sheets. After my shirts were nearly ruined, I had the bright idea to just hang dry pretty much everything. While I do drip-dry my sheets every once in a while, I don't always. Today, I took them out of the dryer and I was so frustrated! 
This one you can't really tell, but near the bottom, there are so many spots. I guess at least my sheets are clean, even if they don't look like it! 

In the basement of our cafeteria, we have a little hang out called Pops. They serve Starbucks coffee!! My newest thing is an Americano with vanilla. Oh they are so addicting. However, this morning, a tall americano was NOT enough to get me through the day.... is it summer yet?! I. am. exhausted. 
My countdown as of a few hours ago!! My sweet aunt is flying to Texas to spend her break with my family. I kind of cannot WAIT! Also, I am excited to go home and sleep in my own bed again! Praying I made it home without any trouble!

This semester is coming to a close! I don't remember how many weeks exactly that are left, but there are final projects coming up soon, so that has to mean something!! I have two tests next week, so my weekend will be spent studying! 

My school is hosting a little "show" tonight. It's called Lip Sync and basically all types of crazy people get on stage and act out skits and songs and make fools of themselves. One of my football-player friends is in a skit with some of his friends and they are all wearing tights! I am excited and looking forward to a break from studying! Have a great weekend!!


Beth said...

Hope you had fun at the Lip Sync contest tonight. I am sure you laughed alot. So sorry about the sheets---wish there was a way you could clean the dryer before putting your stuff in there.....may have to google that one! 5 sleeping times til I see you again!

Anonymous said...

Try buying those new sheets they are advertising on television that cause color not to bleed and you can mix your lights and darks with no ill effects. I have washed red and white and not gotten pink. The spots are a huge problem and often I run whites with a lot of bleech as my first load to clean the machine; things that I can cheaply replace and am not attached to.....underwear, socks, tank tops and then wash the rest. If something "spots" DO NOT put it in the dryer. Try soaking it in a small tub (just the spotted parts let the rest just hang out wet) in dishwashing liquid and cold water and it often will come out. Work for coffee, blood, pen, marker too (just due it before you wash it the first time when you can). Sucks to share a W/D with more than just the family.

Lexie said...

found you from kylee, and saw this post! okay, we have had the same problem!!! except i think we figured out what it you pour your detergent over the clothes?? we think that that is what was staining our clothes!! because at home my washer has a little hole that you put the detergent in, but the dorm washers you must pour the detergent into the wash itself. does that make since?? anyways, we started pouring our detergent and fabric softner in BEFORE we even put the clothes in, then we put things like our towels [that are dark, and do not stain easily] down first and then the rest of our clothes. i hope that made since! lol!!

but you are so close to being DONE with those wash/dryers, right!?! :))