Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Most of society would consider the significance of tomorrow to be a monumental moment in life.

Don't get me wrong, tomorrow is a big day, but the reasons don't have anything to do with trying alcohol.

Tomorrow, I turn 21. And that number makes me feel old.

Two important things:

1. I have no desire to drink... now or ever... so don't get any ideas. 

2. I am so beyond blessed. 

One reason I feel old, is that I think I've reached the beginning point of looking back on previous experiences while reflecting on both the good things and the bad. Above all, I can't stop thinking how overwhelmingly good God has been.

I remember when I was a child and I saw college students and thought they were so mature. I was sure I'd never make it to the point in life where I would be in a place similar to theirs. Yet, here I am... just 4 short weeks from finishing my junior year in college. More than anything, this semester has been my toughest. But, I have found underneath the stress, frustration, and the exhaustion, that I have needed and relied on God in ways that I never have before. Contrary to what I observed my cousins going through years ago, college is so much more educational than just going to class and taking tests. Life experiences are learned that I would have missed out on had God not placed me at SNU. This semester has been tough, but regardless...I am blessed. Many people don't have the opportunity to go to school; let alone live in a beautiful dorm, have a Christian education, or meet some awesome people. Don't even get me started on my family. Without them, I wouldn't be here... it's as simple as that. I just can't express how great they all are or what they mean to me. Their influence, both my parents and my sister, allowed me to find Christ at a young age and continue to cultivate my faith throughout the years. For that alone, I am grateful.

I hope that despite what I face in life, in both the hardships and the joyous moments, that my life will be a reflection of Christ- always.

Even though I feel old, I am blessed... beyond what I deserve. I'm excited to see what year twenty-one has in store!

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Beth said...

Honey child, you are NOT OLD. This MAMA is OLD! :-) Seriously now, I could not be more proud of you. YOu have grown into a beautiful young lady who puts God and others first(and sometimes gets walked on--don't get me started)

Happy happy Jenna day tomorrow. I so wish I could be there to share the day with you---next week we will party.

I love you---to the moon and back.