Saturday, August 24, 2013

Final Semester matter how many times I say it or think it, it is hard for me to think about this season of my life coming to a close. It is not a surprise to anyone that knows me, but freshman year was a tough one. I didn't want to be in Bethany, and I certainly didn't want to live in a small dorm room where I basically knew no one. However, through the past three years, God has been doing some major work on me.

I have learned more than ever what it means to be content. I started praying a while back for the Lord to teach me to be content wherever I was. I don't want to be an ungrateful person and I don't want to be someone who wishes life away. I truly do desire to savor each moment and learn something from each situation. Being at college is an opportunity many people don't have, and while it might not be my most favorite thing, I appreciate it.

This semester though.... I am finding that I am LOVING my new apartment. I truly do. I live with my sweet roommate Shelby in senior housing and we have a cute little living room/dining room area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom to ourselves. My friends Ronna and Elizabeth live right below us on the first floor so we see them a lot! Kathleen lives across campus in the dorm I used to live in, but I see her all the time, which is fabulous! (we have two classes together!). I am finding I love all my classes, and I am even enjoying chapel so far...even though we've only had one!

It's probably the knowledge that soon enough... less than 4 months, my life will be changing completely. I'm not nervous or dreading working for the rest of my life. I am excited about the upcoming new chapter and even the job search. But more and more each day, I am realizing that I am sad. I'm sad I am going to be leaving my friends and even semester will roll along right by without friends will have late night laughing sessions and I'll be miles away in a different phase of life. It really is a weird I never saw coming 3 years ago when I first arrived on campus. Growing up is strange sometimes!

Anyways. I've been a not so good blogger, but I decided to come here and write again because I really enjoy it. I love writing and being able to get my thoughts down in one I blog.

That's my life lately and I am choosing to cherish each moment in the next 16 weeks before graduation...eek!

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