Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Solo Trip

There's first times for a lot of things...right? Well, a few weeks ago,  I jumped in my car to head out on my first solo vacation. I wanted to do something different and I needed an excuse to use my new camera!!

I had several places in mind to visit. First I was thinking New Mexico, then Lousiana, Alabama, or Mississippi. However, due to lack of time and short notice,  I decided to head to one of my favorite spots. The beach. I drove to Corpus Christi, TX for a couple of days in the sun...or clouds.  

It was January, so I knew it wasn't going to be extremely warm, but I was still detirmined to come home with a sun tan! I was the only one sitting out on the beach each day with my little orange chair in my swimming suit, but it was totally worth all the weird looks and comments I got! 

My dad let me use some of his airline miles that were getting ready to expire so I could afford a hotel near the beach. When I got to the hotel, I asked about a balcony upgrade, and being available within the budget I set for myself, I went for it. I was SO glad I did, because it was my favorite spot when I wasn't on the beach or looking for dolphins! 

So I was there 3.5 days, and it was truly wonderful. I LOVE vacations with my family so much. There is something about being able to vacation without worrying about what other people want to do. I slept until the sun woke me up, sat on the balcony drinking coffee and eating breakfast, and headed to the beach. 

(Perfect way to wake up!!!)
(The evening view when walking into my room!)

I packed most of my meals for the trip so didn't eat out other than the Subway I picked up one day for a lunch on the beach and a coffee. It was pretty wonderful having a microwave and mini fridge in the room! Otherwise, I packed up my little beach bag each day and headed out! I stayed in Corpus, but I drove to Port Aransas each day to go look out for dolphins! I stumbled upon a small, local coffee shop and I couldn't resist stopping! I am so glad I did, because I found a must stop place next time I'm in town! 

Anyways, near the ferry landing and fisherman's hang out, there's a pier and harbor where there are always dolphins! I would sit for a few hours each day just watching. It was relaxing and I got a suntan that way too! 

I was never disappointed each day and I even saw schools of 8 of them together...so fun! Apparently a single girl traveling/sitting alone in a place where lots of older couples choose to escape winter screams "talk to her!" I met a lot of sweet older people who made comments about my shorts, or sitting in one place for several hours. A woman from Wisconsin stopped by my chair One day (I was the only one out on the beach) and talked to me for an hour and a half! Older fishermen gave me advice on the best time of day and the perfect spots to always see dolphins...their advice worked! 

I need to get my photos loaded on my computer from my big camera, but here's a back of the camera view I snapped of a dolphin in front of a ship that was coming in!

I went on several 2 mile walks on the beach, looking for sand dollars and shells and to catch the sunset! There is just something so relaxing to me the ocean. I always feel so in awe when I stand there and realize just how small and powerless I am in compared to God and his creations. So thankful that I get to rely on a magnificent Creator! 

Here are some views from my room! 

 It was such a wonderful trip!! I'm already planning another trip!! :) 

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