Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Graduating Single

This article has been floating around Facebook lately and I finally sat down to read it the other day. I actually loved it and I think it had so many great points. The article is written by a 23 year old woman who is graduating college as a single person. I was thinking just how much I could relate to her ideas. While I am only going to be 22 and graduating (which is still young!), I couldn't help but spend some time thinking about how many times just this semester I have heard "have you met someone yet?" or "where are the cute guys and why aren't you hanging out with them." I do know that people have great intentions and they want me to be happy, I never have been able to get past the idea that I am happy now! 

I know especially in my friend group and certainly around campus, the excitement of many people revolves around the "next step" of marriage. People are thinking about graduating in May and then getting married. In society, its the next gradual step and I get that! I am doing things a little differently, graduating a bit early, looking forward to starting my career, and basking in the excitement of being single and having freedom! Unlike the author of the article, I do not feel the overwhelming desire to get married and have a family right now in my life! I am not saying that someday that wouldn't be nice, but right now I am content. I really am. 

The author also talks about when God has ceased to be enough in our lives and I think that is a whole other topic that is important. In my generation especially, I think a relationship with Christ takes a back burner approach in many of my peer's lives (mine too, unfortunately). I have realized throughout my college career, just how important it is to put the effort and time into growing my relationship with the Lord. It has to be a priority daily, and it is important to me that I make it one. For that reason alone, I appreciate people's good intentions of wanting me to be happy... I just don't want people to overlook the truth that I am happy and content where I am at too. If God never brings "that" man into my life, I can still have a full and fun-filled life! 

 “I’d rather have the right God than the wrong man.” –- Christen Rapske

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