Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bible Study Fellowship

Ever since I graduated college and moved home, I've been looking for a young adult group to get involved with. When I got settled back in to a routine after college, it became abundantly clear that making friends wasn't as easy as it had been while I lived and interacted closely with hundreds of other people my age.

I came home and the church I was attending told me I was the only young adult that they knew of, but they'd let me know if another one like me came along. I didn't fit into the young marrieds group like that sweet old man suggested for me.  

Then I started driving my sweet grandparents out to their church each Sunday. It's really been so super great and I'm so lucky to spend the time with them each week. I love their church and all the sweet older people that attend there. There is so much wisdom among that congregation...and precious, precious people. Needless to say, I'm the youngest by quite a few years and they are working on a singles group, but currently it's a lot older people....

I've been yearning for a place to meet people and find young adults who are looking to dig deeper into the Bible. My mom just so happened to come across an email from her friend in her inbox from a few months ago about a young adult BSF starting in the Austin area! At first, I thought I wouldn't really pursue it because sometimes doing new things, especially alone, can be scary! However, I felt like God's timing was evident in this situation since I had asked for an environment just like he had provided. I was able to join on the third week of the study starting. So, I walked in my first night a bit nervous that everyone would know someone but me. Of course, God provided several people I could visit with who were in the same situation I was and I instantly felt comfortable.

I've been going for a few weeks now. The group is growing and it is super neat to see young adults in the Austin area gathering at a church on Monday nights from 8-10pm to learn about Jesus. This is my first experience with BSF, but I am loving it. Each Monday evening, all the girls and guys get together in the beginning to pray over the evening and then we divide into our groups. After we go over our lesson, we all gather in the sanctuary to watch or listen to a lecture. There is a break in between to fellowship, eat some snacks and talk amongst each other. So far, it has really been a blessing. I'm so glad I was brave and decided to step outside my comfort zone and try it out. I now look forward to Monday nights!

It is really neat to see that I am not alone in my desire to meet others passionate about studying the Bible. The group I am apart of is for young adults ages 18-36, married or single, male or female. The one thing that brings us all together is The Lord, which is completely awesome. I am finding more each week by talking with people, that many have relocated to Austin and know no one.... which is the same boat I am finding myself in! This group is an awesome thing that brings people from all walks of life, and denominations, together in one place!

I am still getting in the groove and routine of actually doing my Bible Study each day, which is one major reason I wanted to be involved in an in-depth study. I want to be more devoted to reading the Bible each day--coffee and a fall candle certainly help :-). I am finding it is a daily choice for me to sit down for 15 minutes to spend time with God and I am working on being more intentional. We are studying the life of Moses in BSF and I am learning so many things I didn't know about the age old story of his life. It's amazing!

I encourage you to look into a BSF group near you and check it out!! It has already been a blessing in my life and I'm thankful my mom's friend thought about me and shared this opportunity with me!

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