Monday, November 10, 2014

Life Lately

Lately, I have been a little discouraged about job hunting. I realize it comes with the territory, but sometimes filling out numerous applications and following up and never getting a response can become frustrating. 

A few weeks ago, I was hanging out with Kensie and Brennan. I'm so so blessed to have the ability to nanny in this phase of life. We were playing in the front yard and Kensie was explaining the rules of baseball (her way) and how I should play. The sweet girl kept missing the ball and instead knocking over the tee. Instead of getting frustrated, as most 3 year olds tend to do, Kensie would turn to me each time she missed and say "It's okay, Ms. Jenna... I will just keep trying. I'll do it again and and again today and tomorrow until I get it." Her sweet little words of encouragement to herself ended up being a blessing to me. 

I find myself not wanting to fill out job applications day after day after day because: a) they take a lot of time b) I don't always get it...meaning I rarely hear back one way or the other c) and it can get tiring to do the same thing over and over and not see any results. 

However, little 3 year old Kensie simply reminded me that nothing comes easy and practice makes progress. Over the last few weeks, I have kept her sweet little words close to my heart and have been focused on remembering to keep picking up the pieces and trying again. 

I often overlook the fact that life isn't about the next best thing. A huge part of it is the journey...I want my story to be a good one... the one that God is writing. Not me. So, even though almost a year after I graduated I don't have my foot in the door of my career, I have moments that I can sit back and focus on making a difference in little ones' lives. This season of life is precious and I don't want to zoom through it. As I spend most of my days with little ones, I will work on setting aside my evenings to applying for jobs and trusting that God is working on opening a door for the right job. 

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