Thursday, October 6, 2016

Another Chapter...

It hasn't quite been two years - but close - since I've posted on this sweet little space. Several times, I've written and saved posts as drafts because the timing never felt right to hit the post button. Why is that? I've always kept journals  and I always enjoy writing, but lately life has happened. I haven't forgotten about this little blog and while I can't guarantee that I'll be better about hitting "publish" I do want to try to be better.

So, about that "life happening" I mentioned above....

It's funny how God shapes and prepares us for things we never imagined. Six months ago now, I made a move that changed everything I had grown comfortable with. God placed an opportunity in my path that I couldn't ignore. As every piece seemed to fall perfectly into place, I found myself making a move to San Antonio, Texas for a new adventure.

While San Antonio is just a mere hour and a half south of Georgetown, it was a big change for me. Even though I was also taking a different turn in my career, I was living alone for the first time - ever. You see, even in college there were people constantly around and I was blessed with the best roommates. Then after school, I moved home to save some money and I was blessed even more to share life as an adult with my awesome family. So I never was really out on my own. Until now.

I found the cutest.little.apartment that I really do love. It is really nice and cute. The anxiety I had about it just being a boxy space with white walls totally didn't happen, which I'm thankful for!

The Lord is stretching me in ways I never imagined and I'm learning to be content in the place he has me. All he requires of me is to trust him and have faith that he is directing my steps. It's something I have to remember each day :-). Things haven't exactly played out like I thought, but I know his ways are way better!

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Beth said...

You are such a great example of trusting God and being faithful. His light shines through you even in the difficult times. Love you!