Friday, July 3, 2009

Home Sweet..... Walmart?

Yes. We stayed at a Walmart last night. I think I am the only one who really finds it quite comical. I had never stayed at a Walmart before! Pretty neat stuff... Plus, this morning when we found out that the stove/oven doesn't work... It was pretty convenient to just run right in and buy some bowls to cook with. ;-)

Late last night, we had to stop for gas, yet there were no gas stations for 30 some miles. The generator had shut off because we were running low on gas... the gas light had come on in fact. I actually was getting a tad bit nervous. We finally found a gas station! A little too close for comfort, thank you.

We really didn't want to go to an RV park, since we were only planning on sleeping about 5 hours and then start driving. We thought we'd just stay at a Truck stop, but the three we tried to get into were JAMMMMM packed. So were the rest areas. Finally around 1:15AM, we came across a Walmart, and settled down for a few hours.

Now we are driving through Arkansas. It is so nice to see green :) I am really enjoying this road trip. We are going to get to Kankakee tonight about 9:30 tonight :-)

Gracie is such a great traveler! She is also really cute. She has been sitting up above the cab in Kathleen and my bed. She loves looking out the window!

(I will have to upload pictures later on...)

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