Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wyoming, You are beautiful

So, we went on the vacation of a lifetime, me and my family.

You should check out my facebook page for ALL the pictures.

Seriously though,

I did mean to update this blog like every night, but then, my computer started acting up, and it became too much of a hassle. So, I just didn't.

But now.

Here are some of my few favorite pictures of this trip.

(Those were in Wy.- I think I should live there someday. Amazingly beautiful.)

We went to so many different states. States that I'd never been too before. Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, ummm, see, I am forgetting them all already. But many many states.

We went horseback riding in the mountains. Unbelievably SCARY, but so fun once I stopped shaking We seriously went up a mountain. Jerry, our guide, would say that it ''wasn't straight up, that there are some switchbacks" I didn't really believe Jerry too much. He did get us back safe and sound and we saw some beautiful

It was a long, wonderful vacation. We had such a great time. Ahhhh... so many memories.

I should really sleep now...

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