Friday, September 11, 2009

Rain, Rain, Please stay!

What is that? Raindrops? No Way! Please stay for a while...

The last time it has rained more than 15 minutes? I cannot recall!

It is extremely gloomy here today. Very nice, but very un-motivating! hee hee. I am sitting here looking out my windowat the raindrops falling. Such a slow rain, so relaxing... (ok, so it isn't my window... I tried to take a picture, but it just focused on the screen. I improvised)

My mom and Kathleen have gone to get haircuts. I am working on some schoolwork.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I have to babysit tomorrow afternoon, then I am going for a game night with my Bible Study group.

I wish it was even a tad bit chilly here, so I would want to curl up under a blanket with hot tea.. but the thought of that right now, makes my stomach churn, since I am warm. haha. Someday maybe?

So thankful for another beautiful day, gloom and all!

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Beth said...

woo hoo....2 inches of rain since yesterday! I love the rainy days, too.