Friday, October 23, 2009

And she's off..

So proud of you Kathleen! You got your temps! I hope you enjoy driving! Great job, chica!

Original Post:
to take her temp test! GO Kathleen!

I know she was nervous. But, I know she'll do great! Daddy took her a few minutes ago, so if all goes well, she may go driving this afternoon! Crazy huh?

Can't believe my baby sister is old enough to drive! I am so excited for her though! I think that she is finally coming around and getting excited to drive. She hasn't been feeling well all morning but was ready to go right away!

Go Kathleen!


Beth said...

WOO HOO for my baby girl! We have 2 teen drivers at our house!

Laura said...

Hey! Found your blog through MckMama's community. Your dog in the previous post is adorable! My dog would love it if she could have a blizzard!