Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's a ruff life

I think I talk/blog about this puppy way to much.. but, anyways.

Gracie has such a rough life.

But, come on now. How cute is she?

She sits on her perch, day after day, and just watches the neighborhood. Just checking on who's doing what.

Oh yes, did you rememeber me mentioning that I got a new bedspread? Well, I did! And it is not purple (see above picture) BUT, this ever so cute puppy left a few spots of drool on it. Of course, I want to help make Gracie's life of leisure as easy as possible. So, I laid down a blanket on top of my bedspread. Thoughtful, right?

And a few other pictures of Gracie and George.

George helps keep watch too.

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