Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kyler Update

THis is an update from my Aunt Marilyn, Lindsay's mom:

Sorry for the delay in the update....Lindsay and Wyatt wanted to give some input, and with so many things going on, we never got around to it last night, (we got home about 11:30.)

For those of you who we've just added your email address, you can read what' been going on, below today's info.

Lindsay is doing VERY well...has been taken off the medication that was being given to her to prevent seizures, since her lab levels were continuing to stabilize. The medical concerns that threatened her life, are pretty much resolved. That meant she was able to move yesterday (Wed.) afternoon to a regular postpartum room, where now Randy(Kyler's Grandpa) and Janna(Kyler's aunt) can visit. When she was in the Labor/Delivery unit, only 3 people could visit....and it had to be the same 3 people the entire time she was on that unit. So, the 3 that got the pink "entrance" bracelets were Wyatt, me, and Wyatt's mom. Not a fun time for Randy and Janna, but they wanted to be close by. We were able to go home late Tues night, (Wyatt's mom stayed with them that night) and we returned yesterday afternoon. We will go back again this afternoon/evening.

Kyler's update: GREAT NEWS!!! He was taken off the ventilator Tuesday night, after only about 6 hours...Praise the Lord! and is doing well with his breathing. Of course, since he is too young to maintain his own body heat, he is constantly in an incubator. Lindsay and Wyatt have been able to spend some time with him, although Lindsay is trying to recover as well, so time with Kyler has been somewhat limited. I was able to go see him in the NICU last night and watch as Lindsay was able to hold her hand on him. They (Dr/nurses) don't recommend a lot of jostling around or stimulation at this time, so things must proceed slowly. The 2 grandmas can go into the NICU, but we are not able to touch or hold Kyler......only his parents, which, since time is limited with him, is as it should be. I am anxious to hold that precious little guy!!! I spoke with Lindsay this morning, and she is planning on getting to hold Kyler for the first time this afternoon, and be able to change his diaper. She said the nurse told them that Kyler "has an attitude", as he apparently kicked the IV out of his foot, so now they have put in a CVP line which will be more permanent, and they won't have to keep moving the IV sites.

Wyatt and Lindsay's focus at this point is to get Lindsay back on her feet, to get stronger and recover from her surgery. Needless to say, she is exhausted, as is Wyatt, from living at the hospital since Sunday night. They figured there would be plenty of time later for visitors, so have requested only immediate family for now. They are not sure at what point she will be discharged, and they have a lot of decisions to make regarding what they will do, once that happens, since Kyler will most likely be in the hospital until around his original due date, which was in April.

We are so grateful for your prayer support! I KNOW that is what has kept us going, given Lindsay a quick recovery, when it could have been several more days before she had reached this point, and helped Kyler improve as well. THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!

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Melody said...

That's great that everyone is doing well. I love that he has an attitude! lol