Monday, January 25, 2010

Prayer Request

Update #4
Baby boy has arrived! He was born around 4:30 via c-section. No other details yet.

Update #3
This is an email that my aunt (my cousin Lindsay's mom) sent out this morning:

Lindsay rested well last night. Pitiocin was started at 3am and a couple times the baby's heart rate went down a bit, so they couldn't continue increasing the Pitocin. Dr. came in around 9 and gave the okay to start increasing it again. Lindsay's labs were again improved this morning, but still not normal. Dr. is cautiously optimistic that by increasing pitocin she may proceed without needing a c-section. If at any point things don't go as planned, c-section is still a possibility. Today is basically a wait and see day.

Update #2
Lindsay had some bloodwork done around 4pm today. Her bloodwork looked good. So no baby tonight. As of right now at least. Keep on praying :D

Update #1:
If my cousins platelet count goes any lower, they will have to take the baby tonight... otherwise it will be a day by day thing. Right now they are resting. It sounds like her blood pressure is pretty stable. Thanks for praying!

Original Post:
If you have a moment or two to pray for my cousin Lindsay today, she and her family would appreciate it so much. She's pregnant and in the hospital with HELLP syndrome. This is what my mom had with Kathleen. It is very serious. The mom's liver and kidneys shut down. It is life/death for the mom and baby. The baby is a little under 30 weeks right now. About three pounds. They really need our prayers.


Deborah said...

Many prayers for Mommy and Baby!

Michelle said...


Momof3inVA said...

Prayers for Mom & Baby!

JodyB said...

They will be on my mind and in my prayers until I read good news.

I have a friend who suffered HELLP during her first pregnancy and had an emergency cesarean at 31 weeks. Her daughter is fantastic at 5 1/2 years today. Many blessings.

Hope said...

They are in my prayers! I had HELLP with both my girls. I delivered my first at 33 weeks and my last one at 30 weeks after being diagnosed at 22 weeks and living in the hospital that long. She is now a happy and healthy 1 year old!

Cop Mama said...

Your cousin and baby boy are in my prayers.