Monday, April 26, 2010

He is home!

Dad's back from Malaysia! He made it in last night around 5. We are so excited to have him back! He brought home presents... Kathleen and I both got knock-off purses! So cool. My mom got 2 beautiful pairs of earrings. He is the sweetest. He also fixed our Internet for us, so we are back up and running!
I just took my last test in High School! I have my research paper to work on and then I am DONE with school. Whoa! Anyone want to do the paper for me? Didn't think so.
We don't have Bible study tonight... It's odd to have a Monday night that isn't spent in Georgetown! I think I'll go to bed early :)
I have A LOT of cleaning to do, and bathroom to clean. And paper to write. Fun.

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Beth said...

So proud of my almost High School graduate--in so many ways. I am proud of the young Christian lady you have become. I love you