Thursday, April 29, 2010

Never a Dull Moment...

I was hanging out with some of my favorite kiddos the other day, and decided to write down (and blog) funny things they said. Cracked me up.

-Me: Please don't brush my eyelashes.
Laney: But I hafta'... they are messy.

-Laney: Darcy, Please don't color on your feet.

-Darcy: (while praying at dinner) Dear God, I pray for socks and grapes.

-Dylan: That almost snapped my fingers right off my arm.

-Darcy: (we were playing with the tools) Dylan, don't cut off my toes, I need them to walk.

-Dylan: But, Ms. Jenna, if you brush my hair, it will fall right out of my head.

-Darcy: I can't go to bed now... imma loose my eye.

-Me: Darcy, please don't bite your toenail and give your toenail to me.
Darcy: why?
Me: Because I don't want it, please leave your toes alone.
Darcy: It's clean, I just had a bath.

-Laney: I can't wear my pj's, cuz my belly button will get too hot.

-Me: Darcy, Please don't step in the dog throw up.

Never a dull moment... seriously, sometimes I just have to laugh. They are too much fun.

I just love this picture of them. So sweet.


Beth said...

too cute! Love that last picture of them.

Rae said...

Im a Wisconsin Girl!! Just saw it on your blog..and thought I should share. lol

Olivia said...

PRICELESS! Little kids say the most hilarious things ;)

Cole said...

such cute photos! and I love the quote on the top of your page. I'm going to have to write that down. :) lovely blog.
nicole visiting from