Friday, April 23, 2010

Well, Hello there!

Oh. my. goodness.

It has been a while hasn't it!

My life seems to be crazy.

I am working on finishing up school. I have one more test and just need to finish my research paper and then I'll be done.
I have finished reading the Bible in 90 Days. It was a great plan! I am moving on now to a different plan that will take a year, but I'll study a little more in depth.
My dad went to Malaysia for 2 weeks on a business trip (he is still gone-until Sunday night)
My dad took my camera to Malaysia and it stopped working, so I no longer have a camera. Luckily he was able to buy another cheap one so he at least could take pictures over there.
I did not flush part of my toilet paper holder down the toilet last night. Who does that?
My friend Betsy had sweet baby Eli last week.
Some family came down to visit my grandparents and us last week. They have a 5th wheel.
I really want to sew another apron.
This summer I'll be babysitting alot.
My car is making a funny noise. I am praying it is nothing major.
I promise that I'll do better updating my blog from now on. my life really isn't that interesting
I really need a new background or template or something. This one is getting old but I haven't seen any (free) one that I like.

For some reason everything I try to add something while writing this post, it erases the next letter so I have to then retype the whole sentence or paragraph. Very annoying. SO if there isn't a comma somewhere, just keep reading because I didn't feel like retyping.

My sister made me a yummy coffee drink this morning. I think she needs to go into business.

I am going to go research cameras now! haha... more later.


Anonymous said...

I love your crossing out of things, even though people can see them :)

Anonymous said...

Flushed your toilet paper holder? yeah, I saw that. What's that all about?