Saturday, June 12, 2010


I woke up at 6 this morning.
I don't feel well at all. What a great way to start a Saturday.
It is 143 degrees in Texas and 564% humidity. I do not like it at all.
I am researching plans for out upcoming trip to San Francisco.
I need to wash my car. And write a few thank you notes from graduation.
Did I mention I do not feel well. ughhh.
I am working 4567 hours next week and already praying for my attitude. Babysitting/nannying is a great job, but it comes with stress and drama too.
My sister is all done with driving school and can get her license on August 20th. We've been looking at cars for her. Is she really that old?
My mom just came upstairs to check on me. She is the best.
It is too hot out to even go to the pool.
My dad's a/c in his truck is finicky. It doesn't cool the car anymore. Poor guy. Hopefully he gets it fixed soon.
I need to be better about updating this thing.
I worked 4 different jobs in 46 hours time last week. I am still worn out from that.
thanks for listening.


Karen's Kitchen said...

Looking forward to our San Fran trip! We need to figure out what we want to do on what day. Start with a grayline tour I think and go from there......Sorry it is so hot out! It is muggy here and I was up way too early!

Jenna Johnson said...

Hey FAK. Praying for you today. I have been researching places to eat, see and go since 6:30. Everyone is getting ready to go look at cars, but I am staying home since I am not feeling well.