Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello! Long time, no talk!

Whew! It has been a while... Here is my reason for being MIA:
We are in the process of tearing up all of the carpet in our house...
Packing up all of our things, so we can move the furniture.
Getting everything off the floor,
Here is what our game room up stairs looks like tonight.  We are moving the three bedroom sets out there, and then will move it back in when the new carpet is installed.
My dresser is out there, so I have to get dressed in the game room.. haha.. just kidding
The purple room/scrapbook room.
Here is how I am updating my blog! Sitting on the floor-
It's a mess. I'm running out of places to put things.
We leave for San Fran next Wednesday. Carpet is being installed next Tuesday and Wednesday. I worked every day last week, with just enough time to sleep. I got my new camera in the mail last week, and so far no problems with it! We are meeting some friends for coffee tomorrow morning. I have to go get my car registered. And pack up some more.


Kylee said...

sounds like you're busy! Have fun in san fran! My sister is there this week!

trooppetrie said...

what a neat blog. I love your bedspread.

The Hunter in Stilettos said...

You have a scrapbook room? officially jealous...