Friday, March 4, 2011

My Life Lately.

I have been so, so tired lately, so when I came across this cute list, I had to share!

Borrowed from HERE. This brought me a laugh. I would add coffee to this list, because I am on my second cup of today and coffee is always a necessity.

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Have you ever wondered how to keep staying creative even though you have hit the infamous “zombie” mode? Well, I thought I would scout the Internet for the 10 most effective ways how to keep you creative while exhausted during any looming deadline. Ten sure ways to keep work progressing.
Even though you feel as you might be invincible, remember that none of us are. Some of these steps can be harmful if sustained during long periods of time. But then again, we all do whatever it takes to make sure we are ahead of deadline to leave a good lasting impression. Right?
Buckle up and enjoy!

Power Up - Energy Drink1. Power Up

The most common way to power up is probably the Energy Drink. With over a hundred different kinds to choose from you are sure to find one that is to your own liking and flavor. The danger here is really only not to get addicted to this easy way of ensuring a Super Mario Power Up working mode.

Geek Workout2. The Geek Minute Exercise

Well, after sitting down in front of your computer for hours at end it is important to move your limbs to ensure blood flow. Do the one (1) minute geek exercise to get your energy flowing again. There is little research proposing this will work but geeks are geeks and there has to be some relevance to this theory.

Powernap3. The Power Nap

This is a dangerous one. However one of the most effective of the bunch. Stop everything you are doing. Relax every single body part that you possess and close your eyes. Try to think of nothing else but the dark insides of your eyelids. Well, there you go. NOW DON’T FALL ASLEEP!

Surprise Scare4. The Surprise Scare

Takes some setting up but is a really well formulated energy boost. However, without an interval randomizer its effectivity is rapidly decreased with every scare. Put the alarm to a random time (preferably within the time you are working) without looking. Raise the volume to max (11 in our case). Keep working.

YouTube Yourself5. YouTube Yourself

There is always something fun and inspirational to watch at the ole YouTube factory. However, watch out! The danger here is you will most likely get stuck there for a while. Be sure to have a good 30 minutes to spare to get your energy regenerated. Warning: Don’t Get Stuck!

Kitchen Stroll6. The Kitchen Stroll

We all need to eat right? So, what could really make your energy start pumping again (unless you’re dead that is) is to make sure that all (and I mean ALL) of your power bars, candy, beverages and edibles are located somewhere in the kitchen (hence the name “The Kitchen Stroll”. Make sure you never stand still while getting your nuetriants. Ain’t it good with exercise?

Toilet7. The “BIO” Run

As a side effect to eating and drinking we have this really annoying biological thing we all need to answer to every once in a while. Here’s the trick. Whenever you feel you have to go, run as FAST as you can to the rest room. When you’re done, run like your life depended on it on your way back to your workstation. Keep working.

The Match8. The Match

I don’t know if it works as it totally freaks me out and also believe it’s directly harmful to your eyes. However, it’s been used in cartoons since the dawn of time it seems so how dangerous can it be. Right? lol Take a couple of match sticks and pin up your eyes with them. Make sure they are the right length by cutting off the edges. make sure to get rid of any sharp edges. Warning: This is hazardous!

Cold Shock9. The Cold Shock

Here’s a shocker for you. Fill up your bathtub with only cold (as cold as possible) water. The colder the better. You might want to strip down to your skin before attempting this one. But, if you have spare clothes around you go ahead and do it with them on. Entirely up to you. Well, the rest is kinda of obvious right? Warning: Don’t stay too long in there. (Yeah, like you could!!)

Endurance Fight10. Endurance Fight

This last trick is probably the best sollution. Simply make sure you have air. That you have light aroung you. That you heart is still beating. That your friends are still there to pick you up from the floor when you successfully completed your work. Simply continue working. Do it the Bill Gates style. Get It Done! The sooner you are done, the faster you get to rest.

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