Monday, February 28, 2011

My Door

The door to our room was looking kind of drab to me so I decided to fix it!  I really didn't ask my roommate if she had another idea, which I probably should have--but I figured we could change it at any time!
I have had this online scrapbook program for quite a few years now.  It is really very simple to use but has a lot of great designs and pretty much every embellishment or decorative paper you could dream of! I decided to print off some paper with our names and then a little fact sheet about me. 
I think it turned out pretty cool.... I put up a picture, a little fact sheet, some quotes, (the four small post it notes) and one of my favorite Bible verses. (on the bottom)

It didn't take very long and I needed a break from homework anyways! I miss my craft room and decided to put my printer to good use!


Beth said...

It brightens up your door. Love it.

FAK said...

Nice!!! come and do my house next!