Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

Well, Here we are.... during the night snow and ice began to fall.  I had my doubts that the weather would even do anything worthwile, but here we are... people are freaking out and I am chuckling.

This is the view out my window on the 3rd floor. 
Another view out my window. That big building is Hatley... where I lived last semester.

I am living in a brand new building. I don't think the windows were sealed right.... snow on the inside?

This is looking out my window.  Oklahoma is always windy... drifts are forming!

Across the parking lot looking at Hatley...

Good Job OK... Keep snowing!

1 comment:

tomcottar said...

haha! I think all the Packers fans who are pouring into Dallas for the Superbowl are doing the same thing.

"....look...Texans having trouble with 6 inches of snow....isn't that cute..."