Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reality TV and Clean Bathrooms- It really is the small things in life!

Where has this week gone. It is crazy that tomorrow is Wednesday already! I didn't get any pictures of Little Scout because I forgot my camera at home. She was a sweetheart and I enjoyed watching her. My plan this week was to not babysit and just get caught up on school... you know, like put a bit of a dent in it?
Well, what do you know. I got a call and ended up babysitting this afternoon. I need to learn how to say no. no? So. I have high hopes for tomorrow. I am not going ANYWHERE... well, maybe Sonic Happy Hour.(I may even go in my pj's) So, I think it will be a great day!
Tonight, I got my bathroom cleaned. It is CRAZY how dirty bathrooms get. I mean seriously. I wrote my name in the dirt/dust on the counter top. GROSS. In other words, it was in need of a deep clean, so that is what it got. Now, since I am coughing from the harmful chemicals in the cleaner, I am sitting here updating my blog. haha..

I studied for a History Test. I hope to get it taken tomorrow and maybe even one other test.

I am so blessed. Blessed beyond measure. I have such great parents, I have the best out there folks. noone tops them. My sister is AMAZING. I love her to pieces. I have so much enjoyed NOT working as much and getting to just spend some time with her. We are all healthy, we have what we need. A beautiful house that God has blessed us with to get out of this terrible heat which will only get WORSE. God is so good..

Now that it IS Wednesday, I need to go to bed. It is midnight and I am sleepy. I think I have finally stopped coughing from the harsh cleaning products ;-)

OH YES. And Kristin Steede from the Biggest Loser

- is from GREEN BAY WISCONSIN. haha, tonight was the finale, and she didn't win... But it is my claim to fame that she lived in GB. pretty neat I think... I was really hoping that Mike would win, oh well. To loose over 200 lbs is HUGE.

AND- Another (reality) show we watch. American Idol, which is VERY addicting, is so gooood this year! Danny Gokey is from my hometown.

Milwaulkee, WI is where he hails (me too!) So, I thought it was so neat to have another person from WI on tv this season. The Finale of AI is next week, I so hope Danny makes at least final two!! I think it is so neat that he is(was) a music pastor at a church. Pretty neat testimony if you ask me. Being a Christian on a secular show has got to be hard.

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