Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Wisconsin,

I am sure that you will laugh when you see these pictures. Because I laughed when I took them. It snowed this morning. Enough said---- well not really. This closed schools. Sigh. Funny funny. You need like 8 inches to close school in WI. Cracks. Me. UP.

The news said that last time that Round Rock/Georgetown got this much snow was Valentines Day 2004. Ok, so I heard that a cold front is moving through now, so we could see more sleet later on.. But still. It cracks me up that people are seriously freaking out.

I'm sorry that isn't nice of me. I forget that many haven't really ever seen snow...

Me on the other hand? I love it! (this picture was obviously not taken in Texas. It was in Wisconsin)

So enjoy the snow, Texas!


1 comment:

emilia. said...

Oh I wish we had that much. (We have way too much up here...) :/
Xoxo- Emily