Saturday, February 20, 2010


This morning we headed down to Austin to the Apple store bright and early. I have been trouble with my iPhone again. Ever since I got this phone(my second replacement one), I have been hearing static every time on a phone call. Of course, when we took it down there, the people couldn't hear static for the life of them. It was really frustrating. We didn't want them to think we were lying, but I really didn't want to come home and then drive back when it happened again, and them not hear it... again. Whew!

So, anyways. We were just getting ready to leave, and the lady said, ''Hold on, let me try just one more thing...'' Lo and behold, they heard static!! Whoo. It was a close call for sure.

They replaced the display on the phone (the screen) and so far so good. No static yet!

Let me tell you. This place is high tech.

Apple is going to take over the world. They start 'em young. -Crazy.

So thank you dear Apple genius' for saving my static problem.

OH MY GOODNESS... not that I bought anything to have to use this, but when we were there a few weeks ago, I noticed that there are no 'check-outs'. It's insane. When you want to purchase something, you find a genius, of course, and they pull out a little phone thingy like this from their pocket : and swipe your card. Voila! You are done. Your receipt is being emailed to you as we speak. Crazy. Technology.


tomcottar said...

genius, indeed. so happy for you!

we just got a new iMac at home for Heather and the boys...needless to say, the boys were up and running in about 12 seconds...

IDK if you have a Mac at home or not..BUT if you ever completely 'go Mac', you'll be amazed at how EVERYTHING works flawlessly together. amazed, I tell you.

I expect to be holier now, too. I won't keep getting frustrated with our stupid, old PC and be tempted to break commandments...


Olivia said...

Wow! I've never seen anything like that before!