Thursday, February 11, 2010


So, my little break is over. It's back to work now. I am working tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday night. I didn't realize that the night before Valentines Day (Saturday) would be so popular. I seriously received 5 calls to babysit. It was insane.

It is gloomy and rainy here. It makes me tired. It is snowing in Dallas! I guess that they could get like 4-6 inches! Fun.

I got all my hair cut off yesterday. I am not even kidding. My mom said my hair hasn't been this short since I was 5. I think I like it. It is really strange, it being so short. I think I'm trying to figure out how to make it look like it did yesterday, when Amiee styled it. It never looks the same! I bet I lost 3 lbs with getting all (well, not really all my hair cut off, but a good chunk of it) my hair cut off. We shall see!

I am off to work on some math. my favorite. i can't wait. really.

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Karen's Kitchen said...

your hair is very cute! I can't wait until I come see you in just two weeks! Make sure it is warm!lOVE,fak