Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Caution: Work in Progress.

I am trying to figure out a new blog design, so It's a work in progress! haha... Not quite sure what I am doing I am so technology challenged!

So if you see it is different every time you visit, it's becasue I decided I didn't like that version!

I think that makes me idecisive.

Bless my heart.


Fin said...


I totally understand! I am trying to figure out a blog design as well, but I figure I'd wait and see how the reception goes before I figure out what I choose to do with the design. Do you do your own designs or get a professional to do it?

carlotta said...

Ack! Blog design can be so frustrating! :) Good luck!

Kylee said...

Yay for new blog designs! They're so refreshing once their done!

Also, I totally love that you say "bless my heart". Such a southern thing. I say it all the time, too! : )