Saturday, May 15, 2010

San Francisco

My aunt, sister and I are planning a trip to San Francisco in July. We've never been to California so I'd love any tips that you have! We definitely want to spend time at the beach, (any favorites?)see the Golden Gate Bridge, and go whale/dolphin watching. If you have a favorite (inexpensive) place to stay, please let me know!



Fin said...

Definitely check out Chinatown. It has a lot of personality. Coit Tower is pretty neat as well!

Do as much walking as possible! It is a great town to walk in, if you don't mind the hills. There's always something you can run into that's interesting when you walk. When I went back in 2004, we found lots of fun places!

Dawn said...

Half Moon Bay is a little south of San Francisco, but a beautiful drive and worth it.

Ann said...

Definitely go to fisherman's wharf! A lot of tourists go there. There's a bunch of little shops and it's a fun place to walk around. plus, it's right near the ocean. i actually went there last month! if you want to see some pictures, i posted some in my post here.

Dawn said...

Oh and plan for foggy, cool weather in the city in July. If it's foggy in the city then it is likely wonderfully warm outside the city in almost any direction.