Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of Class

First day of classes: Complete

It was such a busy morning.  Besides almost crying when I sat down in Math Class, the morning went well.  I was able to find my classes.  The one class that I was unsure about my friend Ben was walking by and he helped me find it.  So thanks Ben!

My math class will be the death of me.  Jennah (who lives on my hall) and I have three classes together, including Math, so we will have to study a lot together! haha..

Four classes down today, none to go!

I only have one class tomorrow.  It's at 11:45.


Betsy Thibaudeau said...

I've been thinking about you ALOT!
I'm sure it must be so weird being on your own at college.
Wish I could offer some encouragement with the math, but that would be my downfall too. Either way I know you'll do great.
Love ya girl!

Beth said...

You will find people in your class that will want to have a study group. GO for it if they do. That was the only way I made it through my Statistics class in college.

Jenna Johnson said...

Thanks Mom, I am sure I will find some people who want to study together!