Saturday, August 21, 2010

Officially a College Student!

Hello All!
Long time no talk.
Today, I moved into my dorm.
We got here at 7:45. We are from Wisconsin. We are early people. It's funny because we always joke that people in Texas are on "Texas Time"- because they are always running late.
But anyways-
We were here early, the second people in line for a dorm check, and then we came back to the lobby to get my room key, and then started bringing my things up.  SNU has these people called Luggage Luggers, that help carry everything up for you. When you are going up 5 flights of stairs, that is very very helpful.  So thank you dear luggage luggers. I appreciate you!
By 8:40 we pretty much had everything upstairs in my room and before 11 everything had it's place! I think it turned out great!
My parents have to leave tomorrow at 2:30. I'm a little sad I am not going to lie.
Tomorrow we get to go to church together though. And lunch I think! So, that will be nice to have some more time with just them.  We have to meet with our little family groups after that! So then I am not sure what's next!
Classes start Wednesday. My first class in at 8am.
I am officially a college student. Crazy!

Here are pictures of move-in day! 

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