Sunday, August 22, 2010


Goodbyes are always hard.

I don't like them very much.

About an hour ago, I had to say goodbye to my family.

I cried, of course. It was really hard to see them pull away.

I guess it is part of growing up, but I sure do not like it.

The good thing in this, is that they are only 6 hours away. Not 15 or 16. I can drive 6 hours easily.

They are coming back in October. That helps.

I love you, Momma, Daddy and Kathleen.  Thanks for helping me move in this weekend.  On Kathleen's 16th Birthday nonethelesss. She's the best!


Anonymous said...

I love you too..
I hated saying goodbye too...
And I'm glad it's only 6 hours away,
But...It would be better if you were 5 minutes away :)

Beth said...

Thank the Lord for Skype and cell phones. It is NOT goodbye--it is see you later.

Love you